Lynn Barrett

Lynn Barrett

August 10, 2018

Dear Editor,

Vermont State Representative Valerie Stuart, who is up for election for a fifth-term in the Primary on August 14, will start working for you from day one. She doesn’t have to get up to speed. She knows the lay of the land, and she knows how to get things done. Valerie is seasoned, compassionate and real. She cares about everyone in our community, especially her constituents.

Val’s own life experiences and challenges have contributed to her deep empathy for people and her in-depth understanding of many issues. She is fierce about fighting for youth and families, equal pay and a livable wage, and high quality childcare and healthcare. She also is dedicated to combating climate change and to protecting the environment.

Val is a problem solver, a creative thinker and a go-getter. I was reminded of her concern for others when I received a call from her out of the blue one day asking if I was okay. This was after a particularly difficult public outcry over a local non-profit’s governance. She was concerned that I was emotionally and financially in good shape. I was so surprised and yet so thankful and honored that someone, Val, took the time to reach out. Never in my life has a state or any other representative ever taken the time to make a call to me like that. That brought home to me how deep Valerie’s compassion goes and how much she cares about everyone.

Cast your vote to send Val back to Montpelier for another term. Vote for a seasoned, enthusiastic representative whose compassion and creative problem solving skills help bring people together to find solutions to difficult issues.

Lynn Barrett
Dummerston Center

President, Primetime Concepts, Inc.

Publisher, SO Vermont Arts & Living

August 10, 2018

I’ve known Valerie Stuart for over two decades. Our daughters grew up together in Brattleboro. She raised two thoughtful and successful children, who were taught the values of service, respectful social engagement and discourse, a strong work ethic, and a pride in their Vermont upbringing.

As a former employee of Youth Services, Valerie not only dedicated her life to raising her children and instilling a strong value system, she extended that same care to working for the youth of Vermont. As a former member of the House Education Committee, Valerie advocated for the free breakfast program, dual enrollment, and in my opinion one of the most important pieces of legislation, the flexible pathways initiative (Act 77). Flexible pathways promotes opportunities for our students to achieve postsecondary readiness through educational experiences that acknowledge individual goals, learning styles, and abilities; and increase the rates of secondary school completion and postsecondary continuation in Vermont.

Her energy, experience, passion, dedication to the environment, and focus on investing in Vermont’ strong economic future have won her honors from Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility. She believes in a livable wage and building our renewable energy sector, one of the fastest per capita growth sectors nationally. I support eight-year veteran West Brattleboro State Representative Valerie Stuart as she seeks re-election.

We need experienced legislators who have a history of dedication to improving the lives of Vermonters young and old, whether it is through the establishment of groundbreaking education legislation or her four years of work on the House Commerce Committee.

Please cast your vote for Valerie on August 14 and in the general election in November. Encourage your family and friends to do so as well. Vermont needs more advocates on the right side of the issues like Valerie.


Steve Tavella

August 2, 2018

Dear Editor,

This letter is in support of Valerie Stuart for State Rep for Brattleboro, District 1. Valerie is a fiscally responsible Democrat who has consistently voted for balanced budgets. Yet, her great regret is that the state currently is unable to help more Vermonters. Valerie's solution to this challenge is not to create more programs, but to build a strong Vermont economy that will provide decent jobs that enable families not just to survive but prosper. Valerie recognizes that creating good jobs and training people to do them will reduce the overload on social services in our state and provide adequate funding for them.

I ask District 1 voters who agree with Valerie's vision to cast their vote for her.

Georges Herzog
West Brattleboro, Vermont

  Lissa Weinmann

Lissa Weinmann

August 8, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my support for current District 1 State Representative Valerie Stuart in the Democratic Primary. It is a healthy thing for Valerie to finally have some opposition after eight years of service. People are now paying attention to the political process and that is very good. But just because someone is new doesn't mean they are a better choice, especially when their stated platform is basically indistinguishable from the incumbent's voting record. The difference is Valerie's experience, relationships and seniority in the legislature. These are real advantages for our district and Brattleboro at large. Valerie is a fighter. She just won't let go on issues she cares passionately about - like climate change, anti-poverty initiatives and economic development. Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility recently honored her as a "Climate Solutions Champion." She had the courage and took the hit for raising questions about the future of Vermont Yankee long before its closure was a given.

With Valerie, what you see is what you get. She is not angling for higher office, so she isn't afraid to tell it like it is. And she walks the walk: A staunch advocate for public education, she sent both her kids through the excellent Brattleboro public school system. She also served on the Governor's Institutes of Vermont to help create opportunities for other kids.

I think Valerie deserves recognition for her past service and a chance to give it all she's got for another round. I hope you will join me in voting early for her at the Town Clerk's office from 8:30 to 5:30 p.m. or, your last chance, on Primary Day Aug. 14. 

Lissa Weinmann
West Brattleboro, Vermont

August 8, 2018

Dear Editor,

I am a partner with Gravel & Shea in Burlington, Vermont. I also am a member of the Vermont Bar Association Business Associations Committee.  In my individual capacity as a VBA member, I participated in drafting S.269, an important piece of legislation designed to encourage economic activity in Vermont by companies using blockchain technology.  This letter is written by me as an individual and not in my capacity as a partner of Gravel & Shea.  

This letter's purpose is to support of the re-election of State Representative Valerie Stuart.  I worked closely with Ms. Stuart in connection with the passage of S.269. Her support was extremely important in connection with this bill's passage. Based on this legislation and the efforts of many champions, including Ms. Stuart, some exciting and important events have occurred:   

  • Completing the first blockchain real estate transaction in North America — in Vermont with more transactions and Vermont cities to follow;

  • Registering the first blockchain LLCs under the enacted S.269 framework effective several weeks ago, with many more to follow;

  • Exploring organization of the first blockchain-enabled captive insurance company in Vermont;

  • Hosting several blockchain company executives for meetings with Legislative and Executive branch leaders; and

  • Receiving robust media attention from publications such as Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, Coindesk, along with many others, including our own Seven Days, Vermont Public Radio, Burlington Free Press and the Rutland Herald.

  • From my perspective as a Vermont business lawyer, we need to strengthen our entire state's economy, from north to south and east to west. The blockchain bill is a good example of how collaboration between both political parties and General Assembly members across the state bodes well for economic development initiatives that benefit all Vermonters.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you vote for State Representative Valerie Stuart on August 14, Primary Election Day, and again in the General Election on November 2, 2018.  She has demonstrated she has the vision, drive and skills to pass legislation that builds a better economic future for our state.

Peter Erly

Shareholder, Gravel & Shea

Burlington, Vermont

July 23, 2018

Dear Rep. Stuart:

Please find enclosed a donation to your re-election campaign from the Vermont-NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. You are the only candidate running in the Windham-2-1 primary to receive the recommendation of the Vermont-NEA Board of Directors. We have 79 members who live in your district.

The 2018 election is very important to the future of public education in Vermont and to our members. As the President of Vermont-NEA, the state's largest labor union, I can say we look forward to working with you to protect our public schools, fight to provide health care for everyone and help all children and families succeed. Given your strong record we know you understand the importance of unions for all working Vermonters.

I wish you success on August 14th.                  


Don Tinney, President, Vermont-NEA

An affiliate of the National Education Association

  Robert Holley

Robert Holley

August 1, 2018

Dear Editor,

Valerie Stuart has been a colleague, fellow activist and friend for over 40 years. She has dedicated her life to public service and to do right for her community, Vermont and country at large.  She has made a profound difference in the lives of others.

From her earliest days of organizing nationwide community events to empower individuals as environmental stewards, to her last eight years as a representative in the Vermont State Legislature, Valerie has established herself as an astute leader for social change and economic growth.

Valerie has sponsored hundreds of pieces of ground-breaking legislation and served on various committees that will leave a lasting legacy for all Vermonters.  

As an incumbent, she knows how Montpelier works. No learning curve required. She has helped to strengthen Vermont’s economy and education system and tackled climate change for long-term sustainable solutions. While she has been an admired representative of Windham County, her legislative work has benefited all Vermonters.

Vermont’s Planned Parenthood, League of Conservation Voters, and National Education Association have endorsed Valerie, which in my mind are some of the most outstanding and credible endorsements any candidate can receive.

Valerie is smart, savvy, and tough. She is driven by a core set of values that are principled and honest. Above all, Valerie does the right thing.I urge all of her constituents to vote for her before the August 14th primary and in November. We need more elected officials like Valerie.


Robert Holley

Norwich, Vermont

July 31, 2018

Dear Editor,

I’ve known Valerie Stuart as Brattleboro’s State Representative for 8 years.  I first met her as a fellow Brattleboro Town Meeting Representative. As an educator, I am impressed by Valerie’s dedication to Vermont’s students. During the 4 years she served on the House Education Committee, she and her committee passed groundbreaking legislation such as the free breakfast and lunch program, the dual enrollment and early college programs, and the flexible pathways initiatives.

Vermont needs experienced and effective state representatives like Valerie who are able to pass legislation that makes our state a better place for Vermonters to raise a family and establish and grow a business. Valerie has 8 years of experience writing legislation and supporting Vermonters.

I look forward to seeing Valerie win her seat for the 5th time in the upcoming Primary Election. Brattleboro and Vermont are well served by having an experienced legislator with deep roots in Vermont help secure a future that will be bright for our children and grandchildren.

I urge all of Valerie's constituents to vote for her in the August 14th primary and again in November. I only wish I lived in her District!


Peter Falion

Town Meeting Representative,

Brattleboro, District 3

  Valerie and her daughter 1LT Lauren Stuart Mabie

Valerie and her daughter 1LT Lauren Stuart Mabie

July 24, 2018

Dear Editor,

I write to endorse my mother, Valerie Stuart, who has served as West Brattleboro’s State Representative for the past 8 years. She and my father John Mabie have been exemplary role models throughout my life.  

My mother spent her first 4 years serving on the House Education Committee. She and her colleagues passed vitally important legislation for Vermont’s youth and families, which include Universal Pre-Kindergarten; Free Breakfast and Lunch Programs; Flexible Pathways Initiative; Dual Enrollment and Early College Programs; Vermont Strong Scholarship Program; Non-Toxic Cleaning Products for Schools; Sports-Related Concussion Safety Protocols and Anti-Bullying Protocols.

For the last 4 years, my mother and her colleagues on the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee wrote laws that strengthen Vermont’s economy and position our state for a more vibrant future. These laws include designation of the Southern Vermont Economic Development Zone; the creation and implementation of an Economic Development Marketing Campaign for Vermont; and our state’s First-Time Home Owners Loan. These initiatives will continue to help attract new residents to Vermont, including young people like me, families and entrepreneurs.

During the past 8 years, I have seen my mother lead the charge on issues including poverty; climate change; the need for more effective workforce and economic development; the importance of protecting Vermont’s family farms and agricultural landscape; and the need to cultivate our specialty products sector. In each of these areas, my mother channels her passion into action.

My mother has listened to the concerns of hundreds of Vermonters, including teachers, parents, farmers, business people, disabled individuals, senior citizens and Vermont National Guard members. She has been their advocate, worked to improve their lives and improved Vermont’s education system and economy.  She has also spearheaded climate change initiatives, which earned her recognition by Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility as a Climate Change Solutions Champion.

Perhaps most important of all, my mother has an unparalleled ability to connect with people. She has deep empathy for those who are disenfranchised, old, mentally or physically disabled or alone. She also has stood up for veterans, women, children, minorities and rural Vermonters.

I encourage you to join me and many West Brattleboro residents and vote for Valerie Stuart. She has the wisdom, experience and skills necessary to continue to build a brighter future for all Vermonters.

1LT Lauren Stuart Mabie

United States Army Officer

Stationed abroad

  Theresa Wood

Theresa Wood

July 13, 2018

Dear Editor,

As a member of the House Human Services Committee, I have worked on issues regarding public health, human services, social and economic security. I have seen firsthand how many Vermonters struggle to make ends meet every day. I know how important it is that we have experienced, passionate, and capable lawmakers to assist Vermont citizens. State Representative Valerie Stuart is one of them.

I have served in the statehouse with Valerie for three years and have been impressed by how genuinely she cares for all Vermonters. Valerie is full of incredible energy, and as a legislator, she channels every bit of that energy into working for the benefit of those she represents.

More importantly, Valerie's greatest ambition is to improve the well-being of her constituents. The compassion and genuine caring she exhibits helps to make Vermont a better place for all citizens.

I urge all voters in Brattleboro's first district to cast your ballot for Valerie Stuart in the Democratic primary on August 14 and again in November. I also urge you to encourage your friends and families to vote during this election. Our participation in the democratic process is more vital than ever before. Help to make Vermont a place where all citizens thrive - please support Representative Valerie Stuart.


Theresa Wood,

Vermont State Representative

Waterbury, Vermont

  Diane Tayeby

Diane Tayeby

June 25, 2018

Dear Editor,

I met Valerie Stuart about 11 years ago when I first arrived in Vermont and joined the Windham County Democratic Committee, where Valerie was a dynamic volunteer. When the representative seat opened up in our district, I supported her candidacy.

Since then I've left Brattleboro and now live in the northern part of the state; however, we remain friends and more than once I've called on Val to look into something as a state representative. It has been brought home to me that our representatives affect not only issues in their districts, but in the state at large.

When an acquaintance here had an unusual problem that left her falling through legal cracks in the system, she was unable to get a response from her representative. I told Val about her rather complicated issue and within a couple of days had emails from four different reps, including committee chairs and my own representative. Val's summing up of the problem was succinct and showed insight into not only the problem, but how it was relevant to various committees.

Another instance that comes to mind is having lunch with Val in Burlington, discussing politics as we often do. A woman at a nearby table approached Val, having overheard our conversation, and asked for advice. Valerie took the time to talk with her and was able to provide two contacts from her extensive mental Rolodex. This is a direct result of years of networking, listening, understanding and remembering.

Val is experienced and energetic, compassionate, intelligent and vocal. I'm very lucky to include her as a cherished friend and believe she will continue to bring these wonderful characteristics to her job representing her constituents in Brattleboro and the people of Vermont. If you have not yet made up your mind whom to vote for in the primary, I would encourage you to join me in supporting Valerie Stuart.

Diane Tayeby

Former West Brattleboro resident

Current resident of Charlotte, Vermont

July 8, 2018

  Megan Hawthorne

Megan Hawthorne

Dear Editor,

I've known Valerie Stuart, candidate for Vermont State representative, as a warm and friendly neighbor since I moved to Brattleboro in 2001. Later in my work as a social worker, I relied on Valerie's assistance in an urgent situation that involved long term care medicaid and health care.

Valerie's skills as a networker were incredibly valuable. She provided contact information - that same day—for the key people I needed to speak with in the Agency of Human Services. With her prompt and knowledgeable assistance I was able to navigate a complex system efficiently and effectively for the benefit of a frail and elderly patient.

Additionally, Valerie reached out to myself and my husband when legislation was being written involving Airbnb and how to fairly integrate this sharing economy technology into Vermont's tourism industry.

We hadn't been aware that this was in the works and we appreciated her recognition that this might interest us as well as her foresight in offering us an opportunity to shape legislation that would effect us.

Valerie has proven herself dedicated to improving the lives of her constituents and by extension all Vermonters. She is responsive, available and willing to advocate vocally for the residents in her district and Vermont. I look forward to enthusiastically supporting Valerie Stuart for her fifth term.

Megan Hawthorne

West Brattleboro, Vermont

August 6, 2018

Dear Editor, 

Many of us have known and voted for Valerie Stuart over the years. If you’d like a comprehensive overview of how Valerie has served the community, non-profits and her constituents, visit her website to revisit why she should return to the Vermont House of Representatives to continue the good work we’ve come to expect.

Please pass this on to friends and family who might be interested in helping her.

Vidda Crochetta

West Brattleboro, Vermont

July 27, 2018

  Sara Chard

Sara Chard

Dear Editor,

I have known Valerie Stuart for over twenty-four years. We met while serving on the Board of Directors for our sons’ preschool. I quickly learned that Valerie is a smart, energetic, enthusiastic, committed, organized, and kind person. She is exactly who she seems to be: open, full of exciting ideas, and ready to put them into action.

I have had the privilege of calling Valerie and her family my friends. They are all wonderful, virtuous people. I believe that parenting is the most important thing we can do in this world. In looking at her children, Lauren and Ian, I can see that Valerie and her husband John’s grace and dignity, love and moral character are found there in return.

We are very lucky to have had Valerie in the Vermont State House. Valerie has her eye on what is important at this moment, in this country, and most importantly, in this State.

Brattleboro has many people who need support economically; it has many children who go hungry. We have children in our schools who cannot concentrate on their studies because they haven’t eaten or don’t know where they will sleep that night. Valerie understands the seriousness of this issue, and she has done the work to change it. For four years, she served on the House Education Committee, spearheading both the free breakfast and lunch and the universal pre-kindergarten programs that benefits all Vermonters.

I now live in Marlboro but have lived most of my life in Brattleboro.  My mother, Nancy Chard, served in the State House for four years and in the State Senate representing Windham County for eight years. I have been actively involved, on the sidelines, in Vermont politics for many years. Although I do not live in Valerie’s district, I keep an eye on what is happening in the State House and what our Representatives from Windham County are doing.  

Valerie is making a difference, working for the causes that I believe in. She is a strong and effective leader, who makes informed and well-thought-out decisions in the best interest of her constituents. I urge you to look at her voting record or to call her to discuss her tenure thus far. Valerie is your Representative and would be happy to hear any questions or concerns.

Please vote for Valerie Stuart in Brattleboro District 1 in the Democratic primary before August 14th and again in November!

Thank you,

Sara Chard

Marlboro, Vermont

July 30th, 2018

Dear Editor:

This letter is written in support of the Re-Election of Valerie Stuart for State Representative. Valerie has already served four terms very effectively representing West Brattleboro in the Vermont State Legislature. Her priorities are focusing on the work force and economic development as well as job creation, revenue generation and marketing Vermont small businesses and products both internally and externally. Over her four terms in office, she has literally sponsored several hundred bills in the legislature. The subjects of her bills represent the core values of West Brattleboro. The bills range from:

• Providing young people with awareness of the available job opportunities; Giving them the skills necessary to fill the 4,000 jobs currently available;

•Funding economic development plans to encourage our existing industries;

•Providing information outside of Vermont to attract new green industries.

Valerie understands our peoples' needs and has been very effective in assisting her constituents. She is very knowledgeable about the functions of our many state agencies which helps her provide her constituents the services they need, Her approach is to have people deal directly with the applicable state agencies in resolving the problems they may be having with the Vermont state government.

In short, our district has a very dedicated and effective representative in Valerie Stuart. She has a formidable amount of institutional experience in government and is knowledgeable about and sensitive to the issues confronting this community and the state. A change should be made only when the incumbent is either ineffective or does not represent community values. Valerie Stuart should be reelected.

Sincerely yours,

Thomas M. French, Esq. 

West Brattleboro, Vermont

July 27th, 2018

  Prudence Baird

Prudence Baird

Dear Editor,

Vermont State Representative Valerie Stuart, who is up for re-election, is one of the hardest working state representatives I know. Val is a seasoned legislator who knows the lay of land and who delivers quality representation to her constituents, her fellow legislators and the entire Brattleboro community. Her advocacy and forthrightness are renowned; she is fearless, enthusiastic and generous, making time for everyone. No matter how small or large an issue, Val is willing to weigh in and help if she can.

I have seen Val arrange for all manner of support for our community, from getting a family raising special needs child the support they so desperately need to expediting a cultural mission from the Mideast. She is unafraid to speak eloquently and decisively to those in power about the issues that matter to her constituents--equal treatment and civil rights, gun violence and domestic abuse, Act 46 and more. The number of concerns Val juggles and manages is robust.

If experience, courage, high energy and conscientiousness are valued traits in an elected representative, then Valerie Stuart deserves to return to the Vermont House of Representatives for another term.

Prudence Baird

Brattleboro, Vermont

August 2, 2018

Dear Editor, 

Our wonderful friend, Valerie Stuart, is stalwart and true to her convictions. Valerie is dedicated, civic and community minded, and has made immeasurable strides in her participation as State Representative for the town of Brattleboro, District 1, W. Brattleboro.
Valerie's unwavering love and commitment for the Brattleboro community has been continuous for over 25 years. Offering her services as both a volunteer and active, strong believer in Vermont's agricultural programs, she realizes the importance of programs like Strolling of the Heifers and the micro-grants they are committed to help grow and support. 

Valerie focuses a commitment to public education, as she fosters initiatives for families and excellence in education. Education starts with access to high quality child care and early education. This is key to Valerie's approach. Her commitment is steadfast and unfaltering. Valerie and John have practiced active parenting with their two, now grown children. They were involved tirelessly in all their activities while the kids attended Academy School through their successful graduations from BUHS. Lauren and Ian now blossom in their chosen fields of endeavor, adding constructively to their own communities as young working adults.

Valerie's participation also expands to environmental initiatives, cultivating green jobs and marketing green technology as a firm believer, helping businesses and practices grow, to keep Vermont clean.

She commands a strong approach and will continue to promote job creation and a livable wage.

Valerie's list is unending. She is clearly mindful of needs in our community. Her hopes to continue her journey and assertiveness at the state level will be possible only with your vote. Vote Valerie Stuart, State Representative, District 1.

Wendy and Jeff Brewer

West Brattleboro, Vermont

August 10, 2018

Editor of the Reformer:

I write to encourage all West Brattleboro residents to vote for my mother Valerie Stuart for State Representative this August 14 and again in the general election this November.

In the over 20 years our family has lived in Vermont, my mother has engrossed herself in the local community, building a decades-long track record of involvement. Her focus has been clear: ensuring that Vermont was a great place to build a family - including her own.

She advocated for her children on School Boards and spent eight years leading Marketing and Fundraising for Youth Services - an organization dedicated to building stronger families. She served her first four years on the House Education Committee and passed legislation to ensure all Vermont children get a great education.

In the last four years, she's served on the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee, passing legislation to ensure economic opportunities for all. This has included work to make it easier for young families to afford a first home and to grow Vermont into a leader in the Climate Change, Creative Economy, and emerging technology sectors.

I'm proud of what she's been able to accomplish. Residents who want a representative with track record of community involvement and a passion for family should vote for Valerie Stuart.

Ian Stuart Mabie

San Francisco